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    Level~Zero's Intro


    Level~Zero's Intro

    Post  Level~Zero on Tue May 10, 2011 11:10 am

    Hai LB,name's Level~Zero(but people just call me Level/Lvl)(also formeraly known as XYZ), I've been all about Smash since Melee, and I've been around a while through clans. To name a few I was in in the past was Hardcore Brawlers, Brawl Nemesis, Chaos Assailants, Empire, and Blazing Condemtion (all of which I worked my way up to owner in). I play Brawl competitively offline and I am Power Ranked in Colorado and have been to a few professional off-line Smash events. I use over half of the Brawl cast, and I don't particularly try all that hard when it comes to wifi (wifi is casual for me, not competitive), depending on the mood I'm in. Anywho, hopefully I'll enjoy it here :]

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