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    Pimp: A Legend

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    Pimp: A Legend

    Chapter I: Dawn of a New Life

    My Brawl story starts on the date of March 9, 2008. I had pre-ordered my copy of Super Smash Brothers. Brawl at my local GameStop. I walked in on that day and purchased it, surprised at the fact that there was no line for one of the most anticipated games of the Nintendo Wii. I purchased my copy and got home as soon as possible only to find out the dreadful fate of my Wii. My Wii was purchased during its release month back in November '06, which means my Wii had a problem reading the disc. Out of all the games I couldn't play, it HAD to be Brawl; the game I had purchased my Wii for in the first place. So I called Nintendo, pissed off as hell. Apparently, this was "normal". It obviously wasn't, you shouldn't release something you know that your faithful fans will not be able to play. I was all for the idea to have SSBB be a two-disc game, loading times would be faster and you would even have MORE space. After I got done talking with Nintendo, they had told me they would mail me a shipping label to put on my box to send my Wii in. Ri-fucking-diculous. So I got the label three days later, put my Wii in a box and wrapped it in cheap newspaper. IT TOOK TWO WEEKS TO GET BACK TO ME! Talk about service... I had to sit for two weeks and listen to everyone talk about how awesome this game is and: "OH MY GAWD WTFBBQ HAVE YOU PLAYED AS SNAKE?! HE'S SO AWESOME!!" These events almost caused a 12-gauge to take off my throat.

    After I spent the two weeks gauging my eyes out with a philips screwdriver, I FINALLY got my Wii back. I plugged up my Wii and slid in the game. The game was beautiful; I adored the new graphics and look of all the characters. The stages, characters, and extras were entertaining. The only disappointments were: the slower game play and loading times, which I felt since I was a chronic melee player. So, I played and got through the adventure mode and got all the characters, and I started thinking I was pretty good. I had become undefeated between all of my friends. My main was Kirby and I had no idea what was in store for me.

    A week past and I had my eye on the adapter that would allow me to hook up to Wi-Fi via Ethernet. I bought it, went home, got on Google, and searched for "Brawl Tournaments". Under my search was the site, a site DEDICATED to the game I adored. Well, it was a forums website which I looked around, searching for a challenge. I found someone who thought they were "teh shit". His name was HW Dark Link. Well, like all forum sites, I had to sign up in order to post. So I started creating a name. I wanted something that had my main in it and was awesome. Pimp Master Kirby was what I picked.

    So I posted a challenge to Dark Link, which, within 2 hours he had accepted. I was excited, to play someone outside of my state. I added his friend code and he added mine. We picked Final Destination and the match started, my first online match. I was owned instantly, the one second lag destroyed me. I was being hit left to right and the torture finally stopped when I was two stocked. That's when he switched from Toon Link to Ike, which I think was to laugh at me. He won yet again and took the set. After the set ended, he left the room, signed off, and left me a demeaning message, "Sorry, I don't like playing noobs." I was so angry; I had been undefeated locally, but yet in the matter of five minutes, I was destroyed and casted aside like trash. I tried to rematch him but he wasn't up for it, he wouldn't even return my messages. I quit brawling for a week after the rock of reality was thrown through the window of my life and hit me on the back of my head, splitting my head open.

    A week later, I came back to Smashboards and looked around. I eventually stumbled upon Smashboard's FriendFinder, where I continued to challenge people and get used to the lag in wi-fi. It was during this time my friend Jaime (Ziro) had contacted me, a friend from my hometown from where I had moved from. We got together and brawled online. Surprisingly, he casted me aside just as easily. This was a kid that could NEVER beat me in Melee, but without even trying, casted me aside. He had been playing online since the game had come out, a whooping month and two weeks more experience. Ziro was in a clan already; a clan named SWC (Silver Wolves Clan). His main was Pit and his favorite thing to do was mess with people with his raining/looping arrows.

    We instantly became doubles partners, putting up challenges to anyone we could. We never lost a set and I was getting better. Ziro took his time to teach his arrow techniques. At this time I had trouble sidestepping on reflex, which was one of the main reasons I never stood a chance to Ziro.

    A week later Ziro introduced me to We hosted hub games for anyone to try to beat our doubles team, which still never happened. I was beginning to stand a chance to Ziro, though I still could not beat him. By this time, clans were starting to recruit everyone. At Friendcodes, there was a clan called Elite Strike Force (ESF) that I thought would be a perfect chance to learn my sidestepping. I was tried out and I made it in. I never actually considered this to be one of the clans I was apart of because of the fact I only joined for my selfish needs and left once I got just that. I trained for two days and had the technique down. They made me play defensive matches, where at first I was trying to avoid every attack thrown at me. I was eventually able to attack and my training was complete. I called Ziro and challenged him to a set, that I had gotten better. We played, intense close matches of our top mains. That was the night that I had beaten Ziro.

    Pimp: A Legend Part II July 8, 2008

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    Chapter II: A Clan in Need

    A couple weeks later, I was looking around on Friendcodes for new people to play. I stumbled upon a hub game named "Y2K Tryouts." Now At this time I believed clans were stupid. It seemed only assholes made clans, because at the time, that was true in every way. But, for some reason the clan appealed to me. I had thought Y2K was a clever, original, not so homosexual clan name. I went into the hub which was being run by Alex (GangstaPika) and Danack. I was feeling real shitty that day so I came in kinda like an asshole. I wanted to face the leader and see how good he was. But, the leader couldnt play and Danack was the one to try me out. We played a set and I won it, Danack had used Yoshi while I still had mained Kirby and was picking up Fox, aswell. They said I was in and posted as the link. At first I still only wanted to beat the leader and leave (yeah I know what an asshole). Me and Alex talked alot, though he still didn't want to play me (I think he was afraid of losing). A day passed and I finally got Alex to face me, I beat him in a set. He used Pikachu and Fox had become my new main so I used him. He was only a average player, which was weird for a leader to be. I stuck around a little longer, the clan members were EXTREMLY nice.

    But, there was a reason they were nice. They were begging for members, the clan was dead. There was only three other members than me: Alex, Danack and Aries. But, apparently they had recruited over a hundred, people that joined for one day, then ditched.

    I decided to stay with the clan, for God knows what reason I don't really know. But, I decided to help them recruit, seems that they had no time for it. So I marched off to Friendcodes and hosted tryout hubs, also marking them are the FriendFinder on Smashboards. I recruited out the ass, like there was no tomorrow. I had recruited 40 active members with in 2 weeks. This is where I recruited:

    Arby (Sonic)
    Arcangel (Kirby)
    Brawlchamp14/Espio (Falco)
    DANK (Yoshi)
    Dworth (Samus)
    Gamer 101 (Shiek)
    Imbro (Sonic)
    Jem (Wario)
    Joe Mega (Kirby/ZSS)
    JV (Lucario)
    LaCie (Samus)
    Leonheart (Mario)
    Tipsy (Toon Link)
    Trey (Toon Link)
    SchnoogleDeck (Fox/Ness)
    Stitch (Metaknight)
    Ziggy (Zelda)
    Ziro (Pit)

    These are some of the members that still play to this date (I am aware that this is not 40, but this isnt all of them, again these are members that still play)

    The clan was BOOMING and we were ready for our FIRST CLAN WAR. I had just recruited Espio in my clan, in which I treated him like an asshole because of his CONCEDEDNESS and constant ANNOYANCE. He was constantly asking, "Who's the best in the clan??!! Who?! Is it me is it you?!!? HUH?!" Now I'm not gonna lie, Espio was good not by much from me. We would get to over 140% and he'd get a kill move before I would. But just like most of my recruits, he gave me his MSN and we started to become friends. It was two weeks before the war with Majestic Tragedy (MT). Ziro would stay up late with me, we would train each other. The roster before the war was Me, Espio, Joe Mega, Ziro, and Arby; our best. Two days later Ziro's parents caught him up late again for the third time in a row. They were furious and even more nuts than Coco's girlfriend. They put his Wii up for sale in a yard sale for $100. $100!! WTF?! Everything was sold with it, games, controllers, memories. EVERYTHING for just $100! Ziro ended up leaving the clan within a couple days and I lost contact. He never logged on anymore.

    Two days later, Alex and I talked about my position. I was promoted to "Co-Leader" for reviving and saving the clan. I was so happy! YAYY! I continued to keep recruiting more and more people. A week later, it was time for our war with MT. Ziro was subsituted out of the roster and here is how the war resulted:

    1. Joe Mega Vs. Kirin 1-2 LOSS
    2. Arby Vs. Dan 2-0 WIN
    3. Espio Vs. Sky/Cosmick 1-2 LOSS
    4. Stitch Vs. Chef 1-2 LOSS
    5 Danack Vs. KirbyRulez 1-2 LOSS
    6. Arby Vs. Dragoomba 1-2 LOSS

    The war was a 5v5, 3 stock, elimination.The first match was Joe Vs. Kirin, which he underestimated Kirin and didn't even use his main. The second match was Arby Vs. Dan (MT Leader) Arby won with his pro Sonic Very Happy Go Arby! The next match was trouble, Espio had fought Sky. Espio won the first match and lost the second. The third they disconnected right as Sky took Espio's first stock. Since Sky was leading even by just a kill move they gave him the win. The fourth was Stitch Vs. Chef, which Stitch had the win but gimped and lost. The 5th match, last of the first round, was supposed to be me Vs. KirbyRulez. But, there was a misunderstanding and Danack had brawled him without anyone knowing. Dan said since the matches were already done that they were offical (which he only said because Kirby won that match).

    Arby still hadn't been eliminated yet and the score was 1-4. So the conniving bastards, called someone off their war roster to play him. The match was Arby Vs. Dragoomba and the final results were in, we lost. But, truth be told, this was only the starting point in the downward spiral of Y2K.

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    Pimp: A Legend Part III July 28, 2008

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    Chapter III: A Brother's Shadow

    It was the end of July, the leader of A2, EazySeph, came by the clan. His cockiness pissed me off right at the start. Alex was bowing down to him. Seph was treated like a god for a reason I had no clue of. He wanted to war us with one doubles match. I figure he'd try to cheat in some way so I told him that we decline, but noone listened to what I had to say. Alex was all up his ass still, even after Seph called his clan A2's dumpster. After I kept rejecting Seph's challenge, he asked whose clan this was. Like a reflex, Alex jumped up and said "It's MY clan, it was dead but I revived it and it's pretty much active now." I was so mad at him, I didn't say nothing to anyone, and just signed off.

    I came back and announced my resignation. Everyone was telling me I was overreacting, but was I? I had stayed up sometimes all night recruiting, staying here so the chat would never be empty, put in everything I could for the clan? Was I overreacting? Once I left, I quit brawl again. All MY recruits said that if I left they are quitting which made Alex rethink his place. He begged me to come back, in fear of losing his clan, so I did, not seeing his shallowness.

    I came back to the clan and Alex tried to patch things up by annouceing to everyone AGAIN that I was a leader. I knew this wouldn't do anything but I never showed it, maybe it would. It didn't. It was only a matter of two days, and Alex did it again, taking full credit for everything I did. I left, yet again for a week and when I had come back people had left just as they said they would. The clan was starting to die. It was two days later that I had talked to Espio and he was trying to leave us for a clan named Smash Titans. I tried to talk him out of it but I wasn't all for him staying because I was so mad at Alex. At first he was going against me, saying he'd stay. We talked and I kept telling him that the clan was about to die, that a 12 year old could not old up an entire clan properly. Once I had said that Alex was 12, Espio no longer wished to stay, he left to follow Smash Titans. SchnoogleDeck was one of the only people that chose to stay. Over the course of Y2K I had recruited and taken Deck under my wing and trained him. He was my apprentice, and I trained him well. He was getting better by the hour, and within a couple of days, he 2 stocked Alex (which had previously 2 stocked him during testing). Deck chose to stay because Y2K was the place he knew, which I respected. I wasn't gonna bombard someone to make them follow me it's their choice. So we had our goodbye brawls and sealed another memory.

    I had a plan to solve our differences. I would make a clan and Alex would help so it would be OUR clan. If it was truly OUR clan there would be no full ownership. So I had to think of a name, something unused, something original. Psychotic Remedies, a contradicting name to itself. A remedy, light, hope; twisted into insanity. A clever name if I might add.

    I worked on the site for two days. I really needed Alex's help with the coding, but he wasn't there. When I asked him to do something for me or tell him to do something it was like he wanted to do what he wanted. After lots of mistakes, research, and time; I had the coding finished, and I asked Alex not to mess with it. What does he do. He goes and changes things. I asked him to help me out on the forums and he skips out.

    It was the day I was ready to launch the site and the forums were still unfinished. I contacted Alex and was so mad that I was basically yelling at him.

    "I thought we were in this together, in this to solve our problems, but all you want to think about is yourself. I asked you to help me, to do certain things, and you look at me like I just said a joke. The forums are still not done and I asked you to do them since the idea was planned out. Are they done? No. Did you help me with the site coding? No. Did you do a goddamn thing? No. I thought we were friends here man, trying to fix this drama. Trying to make these experiences worthwhile."

    After that and a little feud, he said he would do the forums. He did... like a five year old. So sloppy, errors everywhere, no capitalization, no descriptions in the categories, no topics. This was the last straw, I fixed everything and made everything neat like it was supposed to be and banned Alex from the chat and unadmined him. Alex left and my recruits followed me, mostly because I was the person they knew and was familiar with. The next day, Alex had came back and spammed all of the forums like a little kid. Which I spent an hour cleaning up. This is what ended our friendship, I no longer spoke with Alex, he went back to his clan to watch it die and disappeared.

    Pimp: A Legend Part IV August 14, 2008

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    Chapter IV: Skitzophrenic Flourishment

    Psychotic Remedies was where I spent majority of my Brawl life. And, not only that but, where alot of major events had happened aswell.

    Psychotic Remedies started with a boom. It was active all day long and I went back to recruiting. To keep the clan populated all the time, I pulled all-nighters. When you start a clan, at its beginning it's essential to always be there. Maybe all-nighters aren't neccessary, but you do need to be the most active person. Recruiting was coming along a little bit harder, we still got members that would join for one day and never be seen again.

    Some of my new recruits that still play were:

    BulletFrog (Snake)
    DEBOW (Yoshi)
    Falx (Falco/Falcon)
    Fast & Heavy (Lucario)
    Hayl (Marth)
    Henry (Fox)
    Irish7 (Pit)
    Marcus (Ness)
    Victor (Toon Link)

    Once PR was fully bloomed, alot of members wanted more and more add-ons to the site. It was plain, and we didn't even have a banner. I, myself, had no artistic abilities, besides my writing. Back in Y2K, Danack was the sig maker of the clan. I had asked him to make the banner with all the characters of the first people in the clan. I spent another day fixing the site up with flavor. Yummy! I found some small nifty codes that made the site easier to navigate.

    Music was another suggestion, I went to and had an idea. A playlist (it is called, and each member can choose five songs and I'll add them to the playlist. This would create, not only varity, but would keep the music from being one-sided. I also added a video of the day, usually a comedy. Which, I would update everyday, also gave a reason for everyone to come back everyday. It was a success, ha, some people would actually come back just for those.

    One day I was doing my normal routine and I got a random IM from someone named DarkLightVII.

    "Hey, what's up? Been a long time."
    "Uhh... do I know you?"
    "Yeah, from Smashboards, remember a Dark Link?"
    "Oh... yeah."
    "Yeah, well I saw you had an AIM and I figured I could apologize for being rude."
    "Lol, nah dude it's cool. I was cocky, I got what I deserved."

    We talked for hours and I had completly mistaken the guy. I asked to brawl him to make amends, but he was in college and his Wii was back at home. The dude was really cool, he was a leader of a clan aswell. He was the leader of Honor's Wrath. He gave me a tour of his site and I returned the favor. His clan wasn't doing so hot in population. We sat and explained each others stories, his clan had some major drama go down that caused a major loss in members. We became pretty good friends, ironic because of our first encounter. After we got done talking, it was late and we returned to our own clans.

    Over this period of time, I had been talking to Espio, telling him about the clan I had started. He wanted to stay loyal to his own clan (Smash Titans) which I respected. One day he asked me to stop by, so I did, figuring it would be interesting to see where my friend had drifted to. And that's when I found out why Espio wanted to stay in his clan. I found out that the clan treated him like a god. Espio and his ego -_-. The clan was strict, rules like no cussing were enforced. This was a rule I figured i could get changed. I'll admit that I, too, have an ego though I keep it to myself. I believe that I am one hell of a convincing person. I try to prove myself serveral times everyday actually. Whether it be making customers buy more than what they came for or changing someones political views. So within a half an hour, I had got the rules changed. The next I came back and the clan was fighting over which chat box is better -_- so I left and didn't come back.

    It was around the the middle of September. My Brawl disc would not read AGAIN! What in God's name is wrong with these people? So I end up calling Nintendo and chewing them out, saying things like "This is by far the worst fucking service I've ever had!" and "Do you people even know your own fucking game system?! Obviously NOT BECAUSE I PAID $50 FOR A GAME I CAN'T PLAY! YOUR GAME SYSTEM CAN"T READ THE FUCKING GAMES YOU MAKE FOR IT! Does that tell you something at all?!" They kept apologizing and such, which we all know they really dont't care. They tried bribing me with stuff like "How about a new game?" I would reply back with "Oh my god, that would be AWESOME, IF YOU FUCKING HAD GAMES WORTHWHILE your piece of shit owner is to up the casual gamer's ass!" So I demanded for a new Wii, which they agreed too. They sent me a shipping label and I ended up not sending my Wii in. I was afraid to, I mean I just chewed them out and I had opened my Wii like three times, so that the screws were stripped.

    A week passed and I started to just not come by the clan anymore. It started to die out and everyone went their own ways. For this, I take full blame, it was my fault it died, I ditched my clan and this is what happens. I just needed a break, and a break is what I got. Two weeks later, I was ready to come back, but my return was clashed and rejected by fate.

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    Pimp: A Legend Part V September 27th, 2008

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    Chapter V: Anarchy

    It was a normal school day, I had taken a break from the clan for reasons I wasn't even really sure myself. I had came home from a long day at school and started to work on my algebra II homework. I just got off the phone with my girlfriend when I heard a knocking at the door. I got up to answer it and it's a police officer. I remember the exact things I said to the man.

    "Are you Vincent?"
    "Uhh.. yes why?"
    "I'm here to help you."
    "Well officer you're a little late because I already finished my algebra homework."
    "No, son, we got called in because your mother said that you were too dangerous."
    "Too dangerous? What in God's name are you talking about?"
    "Your mother has asked the police to transport you."
    "Transport me? What? Where?"
    "I'm not here to discuss that with you, now I need you to turn around and let me put handcuffs on you."

    I turned around and obeyed and he drove me to a mental institute. Turns out two days before when I had gotten grounded I had been angry and told my girlfriend that "One of these days I'm gonna kill her." Which my mom turned around to the cops and said that I threated to kill her to her face and she had been hiding scared in her room. Of course I wasn't listened to and they just locked me up in the asylum. I was in there for tens days, October 1st to the 10th to be exact. Without the doctor even seeing my face he somehow magically diagnosed me with bipolar. For three reasons.

    1. I stayed up late and usually went to bed around midnight or later.
    2. I had the sexual mind of an "adult." (they found out I was having sex with my girlfriend)
    3. I didn't like to listen to my mom.

    Okay. WHAT THE FUCK. I THINK HE JUST DIAGNOSED ME AS A TEENAGER!!? Let's go back through the numbers.

    1. Every kid in their right minds wants to stay up late and not go to bed early.
    3. Who the hell likes listening to people bitch? Seriously?

    So according to his calculations every teenager in America is bipolar. Anyways, they actually gave me medication to cure my "teenagerism." I never took it, but they think I do.

    Well why was I released at exactly 10 days? Three words. Selfish insurance companies. My insurance didnt wanna pay anymore for my hospitalization bills (lucky me Very Happy).

    When I came home, my new Wii, was sitting on the kitchen table. My mom had sent it in for me thinking I wouldn't be mad about the whole asylum thing. I logged onto the clan and it was utterly empty, completely erased chat box. I sat and looked at the chat box for more than a half an hour. I sat there blank. It's kinda crushing to see something you created and nurtured, destroyed before your eyes, and there was nothing you could do to stop to stop the damage. I went to the forums and looked at the topics and posts. I saw a post that I had made earlier saying "This clan will last forever, it will never die." I thought about how wrong I was and how every clans gonna die eventually. But, that was when the idea hit me, who said clans have to stay dead?


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    Pimp: A Legend Part VI October 17th, 2008

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    Chapter VI: Necromancy

    As the clarity of my idea seeped deeper into my mind, I scrolled up to the top and clicked "Empty Folder". I emptied all the forums and fixed the site up a little bit more. A day later, I went to the site, for I was ready to start recruiting. I went to the administration panel and sent out a mass email to get former members to come back, for their home was still here. The strangest thing happened in a matter of minutes. I sat in the chat ready for anyone returning members and the first to show was Danack right after I sent the mass email. I was surprised, I mean I figured no one used their email these days.

    "Yo, you got my email?"
    "Email? Lol no, I accidently clicked on the wrong favorite."
    "Lol, really? I just sent out a mass email for everyone to comeback to the clan, I'm reviving it."
    "Revive PR? Does reviving even work?"
    "No clue XD, but here I am to find out."
    "I see, well I was actually doing something, but yeah, I'll come back, after I get done with stuff I'll be back on later."
    "Sounds good to me, oh and if you have anyone on your contacts tell them to come back."
    "Alright, I will, TIME TO REVIVE PR!"

    Only a few people received the email and acted on it within the first few days. The first members to come back were the most loyal and I still respect to them to this day. The few were PR's soldiers, brave men that would sacrifice to meet the dreams of everyone.


    These members were instantly modded and we all set out to save Psychotic Remedies. We set out to all the branches of the online Brawl universe. From FriendFinder to Friendcodes, we were there, trying all we could to save our home from the ever reaching mortal ending. And soon we settled in golden success. The clan was back, booming more than ever before despite the ever overwhelming leech of government mandatory education.

    I contacted Espio, he was currently still with ST but the clan was going through hardship. I told him that PR was also a home for him. I even offered adminship, but he turned it down, which I respected. He was a loyal member to his clan, but the offer was always there for him to choose.

    Psychotic Remedies was a strange clan, we were always training, playing with each other to get better and better for a clan war. But, a clan war, we never had. It was more like a home, a place to come to to create memories and simply just have a good time. And that we did, with pure skill. It was always a good time at the clan. Everyone was family, we all knew each other, whether brawling or chatting we always had something.

    From there I added the famous legacy:

    "We are the Psychotic Remedies, we have suffered loss, but we, never die, we take it to the end which we will never meet.

    Winter was settling in, the cool air had started to blow through the clan. Everyone was excited for the holidays and most importantly, government mandatory education vacation. Some were planning trips to places, as was I. Miami to be exact; hot, sunny, humid Miami. I hated the cold and snow so this would be the ideal Christmas resort. I announced my departure for the trip a week in advance and the cold days slowly crept by.

    We drove on the night of Christmas Eve and by the morning of the lovely holiday, Miami was where I resided.

    Hot, sunny, humid Miami.

    Pimp: A Legend Part VII January 1st, 2009

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    Chapter VII: The Crucial Misconception

    My stay in Miami was shortened by my mom wishing to return home before the new year. It was a sad farewell but an inevitable one at that. The drive home was increasingly painful. Don't get me wrong, I love my home, but returning was a sign that vacation is soon coming to an end.

    Upon returning, the clan was empty, I didn't think anything of it since it was New Year's Eve. The next day few people showed all day, a grim sign. Danack soon logged on and I asked him what had taken place. He said that once I left, things had gotten slower. Vacation people had gone away with families, and for Christmas, people were getting new game systems and games.

    About time school started, the clan had a steady rate of population. We attempted to recruit but due to the holiday set back, that was an impossible deed.

    Around mid-January, Espio started hanging around the clan. Apparently, ST had split in half. In ST was two leaders, Lazor and Faux. The clan had been on bad terms with everyone since late last year. The goings were getting rougher and rougher until an arguement about a web chat service set the clan off its edge. The members took sides on the arguement, the choice between IRC and Xat. The sides soon despised each other and the boiling point was reached. Half the members left in anger aswell as the leader, Faux. The IRC side stayed and got their wish for the chat.

    The clash so terrible, for it set events into motion. Former members of Smash Titans, Peppers and Mr. Chibi had an idea. The two of them came together and created OathKeepers. OathKeepers was a hopeful clan, the creators were hoping for survival, but weren't expecting great results. Espio was a follower that left ST, Peppers and Chibi contacted him and he soon joined OathKeepers. The clan soon caught eye of ST. ST thought of them as traitors and caused many problems to the clan. Some even went out of their way to run off recruits, which resulted in the banning of all ST members. As time went by and OK was an established clan, Espio earned leadership.

    Around this time, Espio and I were becoming good friends. He introduced me to his clan, and as I looked at it, I noticed it was pretty active. I thought about my clan how closly relying it was on me. I began to think of a merge, it would be for the best, we could keep our name in the clan and there will always be people for everyone to keep coming and enjoying the game. I asked espio about it, told him my thoughts and he agreed. But, there was one thing, I wanted to keep my site I had worked on. He was okay with the idea and was gonna ask the other leaders for the merge. There were five leaders in total:

    Mr. Chibi

    We basically had to get majority of the votes and we were good, the only problem was Peppers and I were on bad terms. We just didn't like each other. But, if we had majority of the votes he would go with it. Espio's vote was for certain, we talked to Aoi, she said that she didn't care. That really wasn't a vote but with majority it would count as a plus one. We proposed the idea to Midnight and he was instantly charmed. There was two votes, we just need one more. Espio and I contacted Chibi and asked him what he thought about it and he said that he was cool with it. Bam. There it was, majority in votes. We acted on it immediately, Espio went to OK and told all of its members to come to the PR site that they were merging. Everyone came and all admins were given adminship just as a part of the agreement.

    Later that night Chibi and Peppers signed on to OK and it was empty with the link to my site in the bottom. Peppers came into my clan infuriated. He pulled all the members back to OK and banned Espio and I. It turns out Chibi lied to us and then the second Peppers signed on he told him all about it. Midnight said he was just going along with things, it took a half an hour to finally be able to tell our side of the story which Chibi continued to lie about his consent. Espio lost his adminship and I was not welcome anymore to the clan. From there Espio came to my clan as a result of the disrespect that was continued to be given to him by the members.

    We went back to our own clans and basically tried to act like nothing happened but that was it something did happen, something major. It was something that was in our eyes the whole time, but we just couldn't see it.

    Pimp: A Legend Part VIII January 14th, 2009

    Post  Pimp on Fri Sep 25, 2009 9:18 pm

    Chapter VIII: The Psychotic Oathkeeper

    Within a day, things calmed down. I kind of eventually forced my way into being unbanned by stating that there was definitely a miscommunication that had happened, while Espio remained banned. I was still concerned with the merge, at the current state of things, it was the best thing for my clan. So, persistence soon became the subject of my actions. I would constantly instant message the leaders and just try to bring the subject back up. It was a taboo one for them, but eventually Peppers cracked and listened to my cause. I simply ask for the following terms:

    1. I wish all the admins in my clan to be complete admins on the site, since I am the only admin in my clan, adminship won't be too hard to establish.
    2. All my mods transfer modship, in my clan they were not skill-based and earned their modship so it is only natural that they be given the right to keep that status.
    3. I want rights to the site, an admin should be able to do site modifications as well as admin a chat.
    4. My members must be treated just as everyone else, no prejudice decisions must befall upon them.
    5. Each member of mine has the right to represent Psychotic Remedies instead of Oathkeepers.

    My terms were pretty simple, nothing much to ask. They were generally accepted except that I would be under certain probation and stay a mod for a couple days. It wasn't much of a problem, because after just merging, what admin-required activities would be a necessity? Anyways, the three days zoomed by, and I was promoted to full-on admin. From here on out, things were pretty sweet, I loved that all my members were no longer just sticking around for just me, and has even more training ground for their needs.

    After about a week, Espio was still banned. This was pretty understandable, considering that to their knowledge he had betrayed the entire clan and if I was more of a shady person, I could have taken advantage of the situation. I requested that he be unbanned, for if I was unbanned for it being a miscommunication then he should be unbanned as well. Espio's punishment was harsh; he was not only banned but was demoted severely. He was now a guest to the clan and not able to join back. I tried to resolve this situation quickly as I could, considering I'm the one who got Espio in it in the first place. So, I'll admit, what I did was pretty shady. I gave adminship to Espio in Psychotic Remedies, and then gave Espio adminship at Oathkeepers. All the leaders questioned me, but I simply said:

    "My terms for the merge, were as you stated simple and reasonable. I bring
    adminship from Psychotic Remedies over to Oathkeepers. Espio is a co-
    leader, and my only, so by my terms he should be given adminship, do you

    As risky as that was, I had known that the merge was quite a success and had a considerably smooth transfer. Knowing that meant that the leaders wanted everything to go as planned with the merge since it profited everyone. Therefore, I was basically free to do anything I pleased, for if I was denied, I could simple cancel the merge and end up killing Oathkeepers.

    My plan worked just as I had planned and I had repaired the damages I had done in the beginning. From this point on, my life with the Oathkeepers, is a memory worth telling over and over, nostalgia at its best. But, this was only the beginning of the legendary clan.

    Pimp: A Legend Part IX February 2nd, 2009

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    Chapter IX: The Hexahomic Society

    Oathkeepers was not an original, started from nothing clan. The origins of the Oathkeepers clan is actually something that can only truly be understood by the members of the situation itself.

    Oathkeepers was originally half of Smash Titans. Remember that clan? It was where Espio joined during my first leadership of Psychotic Remedies. Smash titans was a fair clan, to be honest, I hated it. The bad thing is I can't tell you why I hated it, I just did for some reason. The clan was extremely active, doing great but conflict emerged among the members. Slowly and surly, fights over little things grew more fiery and explosive. The patience of the entire clan was growing thinner and thinner until the one fated day. The leaders clashed and it sent an already-chaotic-atmosphere to an unbearable level. This day tipped over the filled bucket and ST had a clan-wide fight ending up in a leader and half the clan leaving.

    But, there was still a light left on. Those members who split came together and created the legendary clan known as the Oathkeepers. And their oath was to keep the peace with the people and ensure quality fairness in the clan, preventing a repeat in history.


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