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    well, where would my brawl career begin? Hmm, i'd say it started when I was in the seventh grade. I had moved from Tri-Cities Washington to Sierra Vista Arizona because my dad was in the military and had gotten orders to move down here and complete his 3 years of service. Well, I went to a middle school called SVMS and that was pretty much weird. All the kids there were Mexican and thug like so i didn't really meet any cool people. LOL I met this kid named Noah Marvin (ask Espio about him, he'd love to tell you who that is XDD) so then, my mom (closest thing to Satin) makes me switch schools. This is probably the coolest, most awesome thing that would ever happen to me in my life!!! I meet my best friend ever Michael Rush Barber !!(ma bad homie, idk if you want them to know your middle name) We were always talking about how we should hang out and stuff like that, but we never could actually meet up, and Espio had told me he was the best in Sierra Vista at this game called "Melee,". Back in Washington, I had played this and I thought i was the shit!, when in actuality, i sucked balls ((no homo)) so we finally met up one time at this kid named Joeys house, and we play some melee. He whooped my ass!! so anyways, this is the most important part to the career. When I was in the eighth grade, some parental problems had occured. After a grueling month of bitchiness, and heartbreak between my parents, they finally divorced =]. why am i smiling you ask?? because my mom was THE BITCHIEST BITCH OF ALL BITCHES. so anyways, from the beginning of February, to the beginning of summer, it was just me, my sister and my dad living in this HUGE house. He would party all the time and we lived care free ALL the time, life was great. Finally, he had met this women named Lisa. She actually lived in the Tri-Cities too and had moved here because of the same reasons. So, at about mid summer, we moved into her house. I'm gonna fast forward to about late December. One night, Richard, Noah, Cavan, Me and Michael are chillin at Michaels house. We had a hella fun night, made a bowl of wth-is-that!! When the morning comes, we have a gamecube and nothing else to do, so Noah suggests we play some games. So, he rummages through the games, looks for a game and pulls out this game AGAIN that says "Melee," at that instant my brain clicks, "I AM THE BEST!!" so we pop it in and start playin some melee and yea idk how that went, but we played. Michael's mom was coming home soon, so we had to leave cause she was out of the state i believe (correct me if im wrong Michael lol) and im like, "Hey guys, we should play this again," and we all agreed to do it. So time comes and we're playing it every chance we get!! We ended up making a clan, which was called "Phresh," we were going to whoop peoples butts in this game! but yea we never played anyone. Until we run into the path of a smasher named Axe. Axe to this day is pretty much pro in Melee XDD so yea, we kinda dropeed the fact that we were the shit. So, I was still in sports at the time, and baseball season for the school is coming around and i'm like "hey, i wanna play melee, not baseball," so i tell my dad i'm not playing baseball this year, i want to hang out with friends. So everyday til March 7th, 2008 we played melee. This was two days before the release of the new smash brothers game called "Brawl" so, excited as I was to get this game (and espio) my parents decide to take us camping =[[ and i begged my dad to let me stay in town to pick this game up, but he wouldn't let me stay or leave that night to go get it. So, March 9th, 2009 comes around, and my family is out at the lake Patagonia camping. It's about 9 in the morning and i'm practically in tears asking my parents to let me get this game XDD so my mom leaves to get the game for me. So, I ride back with my dad while she goes to get the game. Now it's about 1 o' clock and there is no sign of her. She finally gets back to the house and i'm like "WHERE IS IT?!?!?" and she said that they all had been sold out. On the threshold of anxiety, pain and crying, i slowly walked away. Suddenly she says "But they were selling this game, I thought you might like it". I turn around at about a thousand miles an hour and there she is holding SSBB in her hands. BING BANG BOOM, I popped that son of a bitch in and played it til i had to go to sleep! Pretty much i play it with Mikey and my other friends until it's summer time. Espio gets into it big time and then I get addicted to it also. Ever since then me and him have been doubles partners cause we lived close and we could practice. NO HOMO I LOVE ESPIO XDD I think my first clan was one that Mikey was in, then shortly there after we made a clan called "Amp'd" where it was me, Pimp and Espio. Then we movved to a clan called OK, then after that I think it was HERE!

    First tournament: Spring Break 08'

    First received prize in a tournament: May 15th 2009

    Espio and I have this cool connection. We both love brawl, we get along (most of the time) and we're both G's, so we just have this love for the game that never gets old. BTW, he's always had an edge on me in the game XD

    Well, I also remember we started playing competitbely during the summer, and it was this site called GB. LOL that site was so fun, and our biggest achievement was defeating the Number one team called "Burnt Lobstaz" I'll never forget that last match!

    Well, i know there is more to this but i'll keep adding to it.

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