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    Espionage: Clan Career lawlz


    Espionage: Clan Career lawlz

    Post  Ezpionage48 on Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:25 am

    Well, how i got into clans was a bit i thought at least. It started off as some of my friends were at one house that was like 3 streets down from my house. So being bored as hell I was thinking, "Well since I can’t go over to Patrick’s house, Im’a play some brawl online.” I got on the smashboards friend finder. And at this point it was updated so you can type in a mood I guess.

    The Beginning

    And I see a guy that has his mood set to “I am in the clan Y2K. We have a clan war on Friday and we need more members. Please contact me if you are interested in joining.” This ends up being Pimp. So I see this and I’m like “oh this will be a fun” in a sarcastic voice to myself. So I went along with what it. Pimp had to test me. At first I felt like “okay this is a bit weird but w/e”. So we do a few matches, and I know from the start that I have more experience in brawl than Pimp. Then after 2 matches he starts giving me advice on how to play, so my first thought is “um…I’m better why is he giving me advice? I clearly have more experience than him.“ But I didn’t mention me having more experience than him to him. So eventually he said I passed the test. Pimp explained to me how wars work.

    First Clan: Y2k Link:

    Here my clan career starts. After a few days I was in my very first war. It was bullshit since I was winning in game 3 of an elimination set and the guy was playing disconnected and said he won the match when he was losing. I tried to convince my clan that I was winning but the other clan (Majestic Tragedy) was a lot bigger and WAY more ignorant. So there was no way I could win that argument. I got pissed and left the site. I came by the next day and the clan was in my opinion falling apart. So I suggested I would find us a war. I played all the members in Y2k and quickly learned that I was the best one in the clan. So I came to the conclusion,

    I’ll find a clan to war us as long as I am better than their best member. Then there will be way we can lose!

    So I was trying to find a way to find other clan sites. One day I was doing game battles doubles with my friend. We ended up playing two members from Smash Titans. I lost the set in GB.

    But I felt as if I was better than those two members. They gave me the link to their clan. I went there. Played those two members and told them to play their best against me. I beat the two members. (Lomo & Peppers) then I decided to stay around more to play their best member so to see if my clan could beat them in a war. I was waiting on their best member Herb to show up on the chat. But I would stick around their chat since it had more people in it and they were good at brawl also.

    One day I went to the Smash Titans site and they were in a war. At this point they all knew who I was and asked me if I wanted to join the war since they were down a person. The other clan argued that I wasn’t in the clan. One of the members convinced the other clan I was a new recruit and a mod hadn’t been on recently to make me a member in the chat. I helped St in a war. I won the set I was supposed to be in. They all pretty much asked me to join their clan after the war since I was always at the site on my spare time and nice to everyone.

    Later on I went back to the Y2k site for the first time in a looooooooooooong time. This is where Pimp told me to basically told me to quit Y2k since it was falling apart. At first I was against it saying “No. I’ll stay here” but then he told me that the leader Alex (now known as Gangster Pikachu) was only 12 years old. And I am thinking “Oh HELL no!! No 12 year old is gonna tell me what to do.” Me and Pimp talked about it. He mentioned about him making his own clan. He asked if I wanted to join it. Since I just quit from Y2k I told Pimp that I was going to join Smash Titans. He seemed to be a bit disappointed. But we kept in touch.

    Second Clan: Smash Titans Link:

    To myself I consider St to be my real first clan. Something about Y2k wasn’t right. I don’t know what it was. Out of all the clans I have been in. St has definitely been the longest. St was freaking awesome. When I was there, I learned so much more about brawl. I improved so much than what i was earlier. I got better at spacing, mind games, teching, and learned a few advanced techniques. Since i joined St officially, I still hadn't played the guy I was waiting for. After about 2 weeks, Herb finally came by the chat. A lot of people in the clan had already admitted that I was really good. So at this point, I was becoming "good" in most people's eyes.

    One of the members who i still talk to today, Choice. He really helped me out a lot. Choice and I helped each other get better. He was trying to become one of the best Kirby's in the USA (which he is now like the number 5 best Kirby last time we talked). I was just trying to get better. Choice mained Sonic, Kirby, and Ike at the time. There were lots of times where me and him stayed up all night doing Marth Vs Ike. I would be Marth....and win 1 or 2..outta 30 haha. He was the first GOOD Ike i played. He helped me improve my Snake A LOT!

    The day finally came to where I got to play St's best member....Herb! haha. So we exchanged friend codes. I'm thinking

    Okay, I going to get raped by this guy.

    Me and Herb did over 10 matches. He was better. But not by a lot at all. Everything was dead close. He played as Wolf. It was the first good Wolf i played.

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    the ending is really touching!

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    hmmmm.....i see....i dont remember ever playing u in Y2K though.......

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