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    New to the clan


    New to the clan

    Post  Nexus on Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:01 am

    Hi. Smile I'm known around as Nexus, but alot of others just call me Nex. XD I actually joined a while ago, but I never registered, so some of you around here may recognize me. Anyway, I'm an active Brawler, so if anyone wants a match, feel free to ask.

    And no, I'm not the Rob Nexus, who's the best Rob user in the world. XD

    Re: New to the clan

    Post  Afterburn on Wed Jun 29, 2011 5:01 am


    Welcome to LB and congrats on registering.


    Re: New to the clan

    Post  NorthShaymin on Mon Jul 04, 2011 7:36 pm

    Thank god you're not that nexus. His epicness would destroy our site. His rob is so good omg. I want to bear his children.

    k. also welcome.

    new here

    Post  Terra on Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:28 am

    ok terras the name and new i may be
    im in another clan called wiijergamerz
    in that clan im second rank and im good in brawl but only in standard tourney matches either 1on1 or 2on2 with no items and either final destination or smashville or battlefield
    those are when im at best others ae just as good but i dont play as serious on them

    yeah im active on brawl as well so id like to brawl with you guys soon to show my strenghs

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    Re: New to the clan

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