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    HW challenges you.


    HW challenges you.

    Post  Cameo on Fri Sep 11, 2009 10:36 pm

    Okay now this is kinda funny because Sept 11th.. SO yeah..

    Today at 9pm (EST)
    Hopefully thats okay for you guys.

    Since we are the challenger we will be coming here around that time. :3

    This will be our first war since things have changed so dramatically...
    Here's our new site:

    We're aiming for a 5 vs 5.. or a 4 vs 4..

    Here are the rules:

    Type of war: Crew Battle ((A crew battle is when a member is sent by the clan to fight the other member that the other clan sends. They battle it out for one match. Whoever loses, he is out of the crew battle. The winner continues on with the same amount of stocks that he beat you with. So if he only beat you with two stocks he would have to verse the next person with that only two stocks. It goes back and forth until one side runs out of members... Whoever has there members still standing is declared the winner.))
    Stocks: 3
    Time limit: 8 minutes
    Items: Item switch OFF, and amount of items placed to NONE.
    Stages: Neutral stages only. (Battle field, Smashville, Final Destination, Yoshi's Island.)

    This look okay?

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