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    How wars work.


    How wars work.

    Post  Ezpionage48 on Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:35 am

    Okay so basically, Clan Wars can work in 3 styles.

    1: Elimination
    2: Crew
    3: Point

    In a clan war, MOST clans usually put up their best members. Other clans however if they are big enough have their "other" members be in a war so they get a chance to help out the clan. "Other" being their not as good members.

    How Elimination wars works.
    Elimination is very simple to understand. It is very similar to standard tournament play. You play another person in a war set. Best 2/3. 3 Stock, no items, neutrals only [FD, BF, SV, YI]. If you win your war set, you continue to play in the war. Usually elimination wars are 3v3 or 4v4. So for example, if played in a war set, say you win. You continue in the war until you lose playing sets of 2/3. It IS possible for one person to take out entire clans. First clan to lose all their members on their war roster loses.

    How Crew wars works.
    Crew wars are a bit more complex then elimination wars. Crew wars are exactly like crew battles offline. It goes by stocks rather than sets. Say there is a 5v5 clan war and they each have 3 stock. Each clan had 15 stocks total. The first clan to lose all their stocks lose. If PersonA plays PersonB in a clan war. If PersonA 2 stocks PersonB, PersonA would play the next person for the war with 2 stocks. So in a crew war, you are not guaranteed to have all of your stocks all matches. You continue playing until you run out of your own stock.

    How Point wars work.
    Point wars are very similar to elimination wars. You play the person you are assigned to play in a set. If you win, you earn your clan a point. Each person in the war plays two different people. Once everyone has played two different people, the clan with more points win. So example: 4 v 4 Point war. PersonA plays Person1 from the other clan. PersonA wins the set and earns his clan a point. PersonA then plays another member in the war from that clan. So Person A would play Person2. PersonA wins again. PersonA is done in the war and has earned his/her clan 2 points. Once everyone in the war has played twice, the clan with more points wins. In the event of a tie at the end of a war, one more set will be played to determine the winner. The two people playing in a final set if the war is tied is determied by leaders on each side.


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